Absent is the name of this short movie, silent as was the “Reflected Drunk” posted previously. The film is a disturbing narrative about love, selfishness and, maybe, cowardice, the interpretations possibilities are open. As usual, the script, direction and post production are from Raphael Bittencourt. Performances from Alina Smolyar and Diego Medellin. The original soundtrack, essential for the work, was composed by Marco Duboc, our partner in several projects.. Enjoy, discuss and share it.

  • Script and Direction: Raphael Bittencourt
  • Photography: Olga Solodukhina
  • 1st Camera Assistant: Kenny Morris
  • Post production: Raphael Bittencourt
  • Original Soundtrack: Marco Duboc (https://soundcloud.com/marcoduboc)


  • Alina Smolyar as the bride
  • Diego Medellin as the fiancé

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