A Brazilian film maker and photographer with a very unique vision and multiple awards as a Director, Writer and Editor, this is Raphael Bittencourt. This comes from years of experience in advertising, design and photography for Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Sacks, Leão Jr, Where Magazine and Keune, among other clients.

Raphael was a guest lecturer in the Fotografar 2012, one of the biggest professional photography events in South America. His work was subject of articles in the FHOX Magazine, the most relevant publication in the photography business in Brazil. His photographs were already publicized in several magazines and exposed in the Louvre Museum.

Since Raphael started in the film industry, still in Brazil, he got involved in the production of dozens of films and documentaries, directed by himself and other directors. There, he managed to overcome the many troubling situations imposed by the Brazilian market to produce his projects.  Now, in Los Angeles, he continues his successful path participating in many productions and looking forward new projects and opportunities.

He recently edited the acclaimed documentary “Fosse: Recreated“, from the director Wolfgang Glattes. Raphael also wrote, directed and edited “BID“, an international production which is the proof of concept for his feature film in development.

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