A successful start for our documentary festival run!

Houston International film festival

The documentary film “Fosse Recreated – A Master Class in Dance”, from the producer and director Wolfgang Glattes, in which I participated as an editor and post-producer, won the Platinum Remi Award in the Houston International Film Festival.

The film shows the recreation of the opening number of Bob Fosse’s 1978 Broadway show “Dancin’ ” by Kathryn Doby. Kathryn was Fosse’s former assistant for 18 years. Wolfgang was Fosse’s assistant director and later producer in many of his films such as All that Jazz (1979) and Cabaret (1972), among others. All the choreographic work was done based in Kathryn’s notes and recollections. She is nowadays, probably, the person that understands the most about Fosse’s work routines. She rehearsed with the dancers in New York City, after all before being Fosse’s assistant, she was one of his top dancers on Broadway and in his films.

The ones that had never heard of Glattes certainly heard about many of the films in which he participated as a producer and assistant director: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971), All that Jazz (1979), Cabaret (1972), Harts War (2002), Power (1986), Rosebud (1975), among dozens of others.

I had also the opportunity  of designing the logo of the production and the DVD/Bluray cover with the privilege of seeing my name next to the names of Kathryn, Wolfgang, Fosse and Neil Diamond, the author of the music.


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